Module 8: Textual Analysis and Data Mining

3 March 2022

Welcome back from Reading Week!

So much of our cultural record has been digitized. How can we use computers to “read” texts for us? Should we?

Readings for this Week

Homework for the Week

In addition to the readings, I would like you to visit the Programming Historian and explore some of the lessons in the English-language version. Pick one. I don’t expect you to try it out, but I’d like you to familiarze yourself with it and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What problem is this lesson trying to solve?
  • Does it look like something I could learn?
  • How could I imagine using this in my own work?

Our Discussion for the Week

This week, we’ll be focusing on a few different topics:

  • What is “big data” and why should historians care?
  • What kinds of approaches have historians fruitfully used when it comes to computational analysis? What do we gain from this kind of work? Do we lose anything?
  • Should historians become programmers? If yes, how? If no, why not?

Want to Meet with Me?

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