Winter 2022.
Class is Cancelled.

Ian note (14 December 2022): Due to an administrative appointment, HIST 640 will not be offered in Winter 2022. My sincerest apologies.

Digital history, the application of new and emerging technologies to the study of history, is an important field that has begun to reshape historical production and scholarship. This graduate level course introduces students to the literature on digital history, and then puts theory into practice by digitally collecting, publishing, and producing new historical knowledge with cutting-edge tools.

In-Person, But Flexible!

We will be, pending public health guidelines, be meeting in-person for approximately two hours per week. However, if you are not able to attend a course in person due to COVID-related concerns or other issues, what kind of digital history course would this be if I did not accomodate you!

Just let me (Professor Milligan) know!

A reasonable workload.

Believe it or not, but even in Winter 2022 we are still dealing with COVID-19. Accordingly, baked into the ethos of this course is care.


Kids school closed? A lingering illness that precludes passing the COVID-19 screen? We can work together.

Please read HIST 640’s COVID-19 Policies page.