Week-by-Week Material

Welcome to HIST 640. This will be the main place that you interact with course content.

Note that it is laid out in modules. At the start of January, each module will contain the readings assigned. However, I may add in supporting materials, etc.

You can also chat with each other in the Microsoft Teams space that we’ve opened up. We’ll learn how to use that in Module 1.

Every week, before our seminar you should make sure to:

  • read the assigned material;
  • read the summary material; and
  • carry out any other assigned tasks.

Every Monday morning, I will make sure to:

  • send you all one e-mail with a reminder of what’s to come this week; and
  • provide any connectivity links;

The reading load is lighter than your average graduate history class. However, as a digital history class with an applied bent, sometimes there will be additional activities that will take the place of this reading load: i.e. trying out a website, installing some software, watching a video, or trying something that might be outside your comfort zone.

The latter is key: parts of this class should and will be new to you all. This is a good thing as it helps us learn! But if you’re feeling overwhelmed or have questions, always e-mail me and we can connect there or set up a live chat.

Want to Meet with Me?

As always, you can book a 30-minute meeting with me via Calendly. Use this link here. If there are no times that are available, just send me an email and we can work something out.

This will create a Microsoft Teams appointment. The URL for the Teams link will be in the calendar invitation e-mailed to you.

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