Module Eleven and Twelve: Class Presentations

1 April 2021 and 8 April 2021

We will hold final presentations on 26 March 2021 and 2 April 2021. This will be similar to an online, virtual conference.

Notably, to make it fair, you will have to upload a 10-minute presentation by the start of class on March 26th. I will play them in the class, and then you will do live question and answer (this is both to ensure we have smooth connections and also to be fair to those who present on the second day).

If you haven’t done a video recording, don’t worry. I’ll provide information here well in advance.

What’s going on??

See the Assignments page for more information. We’ll also talk about this in class.

Want to Meet with Me?

As always, you can book a 30-minute meeting with me via Calendly. Use this link here. If there are no times that are available, just send me an email and we can work something out.

This will create a Microsoft Teams appointment. The URL for the Teams link will be in the calendar invitation e-mailed to you.